Are you watching your kids grow up and wishing there was more that you could do to help them as they learn?

Perhaps they’re struggling with a particular aspect of school or perhaps they’ve completely switched off. Learning is boring for them and they are much more interested in other things.

Every parent worries about their kids, one way or another. My own parents tell me that hasn’t stopped, even though I’ve been an adult for a good many years now! But somehow the pressure of getting an education can be enormous, on both children and their parents.

That’s why I set up this site…to be a resource for parents who need a few pointers. As it grows you will find an increasing number of resources related to various aspects of learning – from blogs to worksheets, from games & activities to ebooks on particular topics.

Please join in the conversation. Add your own advice or questions to the comments on our blog. Join us on Twitter or Facebook and spread the word. The more people we can connect in this endeavour the more kids we will be able to help to learn.

What are your thoughts?